Jingjing Deng     邓晶晶

  Lecturer (Assistant Professor), Ph.D

  Vision & Machine Learning Lab, Rand2AI

  Computer Science, Swansea University, UK


I have joined Department of Computer Science since 2018 as an academic staff. I focus on studying the stochastic properties of discrete structures given continuously observable appearances, which enables us to discover the inherent but deterministic factors within the randomness. In recent years, I have been working on machine learning in general and its applications in the area of computer vision, text understanding, and biomedical informatics.

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Selective Publications


Nested Shallow CNN-Cascade for Face Detection in the Wild
Jingjing Deng, Xianghua Xie
IEEE Conference on Automatic Face and Gesture Recognition (FG), 2017
IEEEXplore Digital Library


A Bag of Words Approach to Subject Specific 3D Human Pose Interaction Classification with Random Decision Forests
Jingjing Deng, Xianghua Xie, Ben Daubney
Graphical Models (GMods), 2014
Elsevier ScienceDirect


3D Interactive Coronary Artery Segmentation using Random Forests and Markov Random Field Optimization
Jingjing Deng, Xianghua Xie, Rob Alcock, Carl Roobottom
IEEE International Conference on Image Processing (ICIP), 2014
IEEEXplore Digital Library

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